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Jane Roberts and Robert Butts
Brief Biography

Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts and Rob Butts were born, raised, educated and married in the
state of New York. By the time 1960 rolled around, they were settled in a big,
drafty apartment in the little town of Elmira, facing the necessity of earning their
daily bread and staunchly determined to spend satisfying hunks of time on their
individual modes of creativity: painting for Rob, the writing of poetry for Jane.
It wasn’t the first time (nor will it be the last) that a combination of playfulness,
curiosity and a Ouija Board carved a wider life path for an individual than he or
she ever imagined, but it is never a mundane experience, no matter how many
times it is repeated. Some evening during the year of 1963, Jane and Rob sat
facing one another with the board perched across their knees and began to
explore. Tenacity and perhaps an assuredness that came from somewhere other
than their rational minds sustained them during the unproductive first sessions,
when most of the rest of us would have wandered off to some occupation more
instantly gratifying. It wasn’t long before someone or something came through,
calling himself Frank Withers. But this personality’s participation was brief: He
had served to open a door of consciousness in Jane that allowed the personality
essence of someone else to come through, the I-don’t-care-what-you-call-me-oh-
call-me-Seth entity.
A friendly-humored, playful spirit, Seth was neither dictator nor doomsayer. But
the wisdom he communicated over the next twenty years was so flawless, so
common-sense and yet revolutionary, that it would fill numerous volumes,
transform the lives of thousands of people, and come, finally, to reside in the
archives of Yale University.
Soon after the introduction of Seth into the lives of Jane and Rob, Jane found
that she could allow her own personality to withdraw to the background while
Seth "borrowed" her voice, and the Ouija Board was put aside. Rob became the
faithful secretary, hand-recording the dictation of all the material, as Seth poured
forth book after book. He became a "member" of Jane’s regular ESP class,
appeared on television and the radio, allowed himself to be subjected to
verification testing by conventional scientists, and chatted with Richard Bach,
who visited Jane and Rob not long after publishing Johnathon Livingston Seagull.
Seth refused to be exalted as any sort of messiah or father figure, and time after
time he would challenge a participant to examine his own consciousness and
beliefs for the answers - insisting that all the answers lay within each individual."If you will forgive my terminology - Blessed are those who have humor! And that is the end of this profound message," he might quip, reminding his listeners to
neither take him nor themselves too seriously. But he would also reveal
information that was so unlike our conventional beliefs, but so concisely,
complexly logical, that his material has attracted physicists and scientists the
world over to study.
Seth had said to the students once, in an ESP class, "You are as dead now as
you will ever be." With that in mind, Jane Roberts chose at the age of 53, in
September of 1984, to allow the complications of rheumatoid arthritis to be the
vehicle that released her to other levels of consciousness, leaving this physical
reality. During her lifetime, she created a legacy of her own, with books of poetry with novels for children and adults, and some of those volumes are currently being reprinted, along with most of the Seth books.
Rob still lives in Elmira, and he has undertaken the daunting task of organizing into books some of the thousands of pages of the Seth Material that have never seen a printing press (but which are readily available for reading in the Yale archives.) He has published The Magical Approach, and The Way Toward
Health, by Jane Roberts and Seth, and he continues to work on more.

Jane Roberts

Video of some of Seth quotes.

List of Seth books:

The Seth Material (1970)

SETH SPEAKS: The eternal validity of the Soul (1972)

The nature of personal reality. (1974)

The unknown reality. (1977)

The nature of the Psyche: Its Human expression. (1979)

The individual and the nature of mass events. (1981)

Dreams, evolution, and value fulfillment. (1986)

Dreams, and projection of consciousness. (1986)

The magical approach. (1995)

The way toward health. (1997)





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